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The Mortgage Warehouse, LLC was created to help those secure a home loan with traditionally low credit scores.  And what I mean by traditionally is we allow a much lower credit score than a traditional bank.  Matter of fact we require a minimum credit score of only 580!  Yep, you read that right, and no, I’m not kidding!  If you have just a minimum credit score of 580, The Mortgage Warehouse, LLC can offer you a home loan with a LOW down payment, or better yet, NO down payment!  Nope, still not kidding!  Believe it or not, these home loans are available anywhere in the entire state of Pennsylvania and to anyone wanting to purchase a new home.  From Western PA to Eastern PA.  From Northern PA. to Southern PA.  From the great cities of Pennsylvania, such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to it’s historic and traditional Counties;  Philadelphia, Delaware, Berks, Bucks, Armstrong, Erie, Carbon, Washington and all Counties in-between!

The Mortgage Warehouse, LLC not only works with those borrowers who can verify their income with w2’s and pay stubs, but we also offer home loans to the self-employed who cannot verify their income with tax returns.  These borrowers will now be able to use their last 1 to 2 years full business or personal bank statements to qualify for their new home loan!  It’s that simple!

Whether you have low credit scores or high credit scores.  Whether you want to purchase a new home, or refinance your current one.  The Mortgage Warehouse, LLC now has loan programs available for anyone in the Great State of Pennsylvania!  That’s why we’re here!


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